Hi! I am soooooooooooooo happy! Do you know why? Read on to find out!

I was walking in a Field behind the house to a swimming pool (Yes it was free). While I was walking, my dad found some Lego. Immediately I looked down...and went half insane. Lego was on the ground! Beautiful Lego!

It was mostly minifigs, but I don't care. It took me 5 Minutes to round up all the bricks. I went back to the house to drop the bricks off (My sibling was not happy).

What I got

  • Pieces of Squidmans Escape
  • Pieces of Freeze Ray Frenzy
  • Ninja (Not the Collectible Minifig one)
  • Torso-hat-bag-less Indy
  • Headless Inferno Henchmen
  • Space Police Officer (Squidmans Escape)
  • Helmetless Castle Troll
  • Helmetless Castle Troll with Shoulder Armor
  • Star Wars Clone Trooper
  • Star Wars Clone Trooper
  • Star Wars Clone Trooper with Red Markings
  • Odd Blue Shirted Minifig
  • Torsoless Skull masked minifig
  • Star Wars Clone Gunner
  • Some Sloped Pieces
  • A Large Curved Piece
  • 2 1X2 with Holes
  • Star Wars Black Rifle

All of this from in the Field! I was sooooooo happy!