Hi Viewer! In case you don't known (Of course you don't know) I got "The Adventures of Clutch Powers" Yesterday! Here's the Story.

"I went to Wal-Mart (Because they had a Sale on Buttery Popcorn!) and I walked past the DVD Cubical Rack Thingy, and guess what I saw, Clutch! It wad the last DVD there. So after an Hour of walking around the Mart, I picked up the DVD, and my Sibling held it (I was holding the Popcorn!)."

Anyway, I only started watching it this morning (It was 8 when I got home), and I've only got through 36 Minutes of it. I've made the (young) Clutch Minifig. Why Young you ask? Because there is no Black Hair Piece, and his face hasn't been made...But I got everything else perfect. I'm going to watch the rest soon (After I finish my other stuff).