You better get popcorn ready, and go to the Cartoon Network Channel (Teletoon for Canadian Viewers) because Atlantis the Movie is swimming over on January 15th 2010 for it's premier on both those 2 channels! So get ready for some action and Adventure, but don't think it's 1 hour long 'cause it isn't, It's probably just 5 minutes. But there's another 1 hour Lego movie coming next month. And it's a Friday also. And if you can't wait, Lego released 2 sneak peeks on the website. Follow the links below.

Sneak Peek 1

Sneak Peek 2 (Yes this is different then Sneak Peek 1)

Also...Did you get your Jan-Feb 2010 Issue of Lego Magazine? What's so good about it is that it comes with FREE I repeat FREE 3D Glasses! And even better, A 3D Comic called Into The Deeps! (Click Link to read Description on Page), and not to mention that the Cover is 3D. So, if you didn't get you Lego magazine (Or your Nov-Dec 2009 issue came with a "Don't let this be your last issue" Slip like my Jan-Feb 2010 issue did) or your not signed up, then sign up by filling out the forms in you Atlantis Booklets, or you could get a Lego Magazine Sign up thing from Toys"R"us if they have them (My Toys"R"us had tons of them).

But if you don't get you Jan-Feb 2010 issue, you'll probably have to buy one by going to Customer Service (Copy this: :Then past it in your Address bar to jump to the Customer Service Homepage), or you may find one in your next Atlantis set because you can find 3D Glasses in Select Boxes of Atlantis sets.

That's all for now, buy!