The 5th day of Review week is already here! I shall now review...8683-5 Zombie! He doesn't really look like a zombie, more like the grinning man. Anyway, onto the review!


Item #: 8693
Ages: 5+
Pieces: 5
Price: $2.99 CDN / $1.99 US


  • Here we have the Zombie.


  • The Zombie without his Turkey leg and Shovel.


  • A Close up of the Zombie's cloths.


  • The Zombie from behind.


  • Another image of the Zombie (How'd this get in here?).


  • Here we have the Turkey Leg! The Orange expanded Turkey leg (If you wonder why I say expanded, it's because the bone of the Turkey leg is longer then the usual Turkey Leg).


  • The Leg from behind. Because of that round hole thing, the minifig can hold it on his hand.


  • Here we have a comparison of 2 Shovels! The Zombie one on the Left, Power Miners one on the right. The difference between them is that the Zombie one has a bump on top, while the top of the Power Miner's one is only flat.


  • The Zombie head I got was a misprint. Notice the Teeth are done wrong, and the Grey lines are missing for my 'fig (Left).


  • What is also good about the Zombie 'fig is that we get the first ever grey hands! To bad for the Shark Warriors.


  • Zombie: Hands up! In the name of the Turkey leg!
    Caveman: I'm roasting in fear.

This concludes my review. I for one LOVE this fig because of the Turkey Leg (Never got one), and the Grey hands, and of course, the fig and shovel.

Final Rating: 10/10 Get this minifig!