Thoughts of The New Upcoming Atlantis Sets from Some Foriegn Guy Translated by "Oky wan Kenobi" from Eurobricks.

7984 Drill Submarine 29,99€ - Hmmm, nice golden armament pieces, some column-stuff with the new round bricks, an additional little Mini-sub, with a new drill and a Hammerhead-like creature which are nice, but I'm not a fan of the large drill pieces that are used on the main sub. Never liked those on Power Miners either.... but tastes differ.

7985 Temple of Atlantis 69,99€ - very pretty! With round 2x2 bricks which have grooves along the sides and therefore resemble columns. In addition, the set includes a warrior statue and also two new Atlantis inhabitants. A Crab-man and a anglerfish-like protagonist. The fish-decorations from the old Ninja-Sets can be found on the Temple too. An 8-blade-propeller, as well as some kind of boulder-piece seemed new to me.

7976 Deep Sea Jet 4,99€ - Small and cute. Something to buy on impulse.

7977 Underwater Walker 9,99€ - Again with the Hammerhead figure and of course some column fragment. Kinda meh to be. Doesn't really blow me away, just like many other walkers from other themes, but we'll see.

7978 Anglerfish Attack 19,99€ - Again with the column elements, a golden helmet (Apparently something to collect! There was something similar in Castle!), an Anglerfish-creature, and a large anglerfish, with the old dragon wings in green as fins. Personally, I quite like it, but I'll have to see it in person [to make a final judgement].