Welcome one and all! To a Very Special Review! I'd Start from 1# The Indian, But My TRU is Out of Figs (The Lego, Not the Fruit), so in the Mean Time, I'll Review The Ones I Have!

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  • DONE! Isn't She a Beuty? With Nice Torso Printing (*Nudge, Nudge*) and Very Rare Side Leg Printing! oh, and There's the Pom-Poms..........................THE POM-POMS!?!?!?!?!?!?! Let's Check This Out!

86832 2

  • Wooooooooooow! These are Great! Yup, The First, Ever, Lego Pom-Pom!

86832 3

  • Back.

86832 4

  • Moving Back to the Figure, Here's the Back. I'm Glad it's Yellow on White, Not White on Yellow. Otherwise No one would Watch The Footbal Teams Play! Hee-Hee!

86832 5

  • Side. Same as Other. Nice Leg Printing!

86832 6

  • Hairpiece. Nice!
  • Now Some Examples of The Pom-Poms in use!

86832 7

86832 8

86832 9

  • And Let's Conclude with The Cheerleader Cheering:

86832 10

Design: 8/10, Great Design! But The Face is a Bit Wierd...

Minifigures: N/G, The Set is a Figure. Nothing to see Here.

Build: 10/10, What's Funner Than Building a Minifigure?

Playability: 5/10, If You're a Girl, It's Fun to Have a Cheerleader Cheering on Your other figures. If your a Guy.........Nope.

Price: 8/10, $2 is Nothing in the US. But The Price in Cananda Leaves something to be desired.

Total: 40/50, All in all, This is a Great Figure for Anyone's Collection! And Don't Forget The Pom-Poms!

I Hope You Enjoyed This Review! I Also Hope That You Get Some Money, Grab your Barcode List, & Get......

  • 8683-2# Cheerleader

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