Welcome To My Last Review For The Collectible Minifigures. Cry I Still Have to Wait For, 1. My TRU to get a New Shipment or 2. Wait for Target or Wal-mart to get them. Then I'll Start Again! Anyway, Here's My Review for The Best Fig in The Line. 13# Spaceman!

86837 1

  • Here is The Spaceman! No Words Can Describe his Awesomeness!

86837 2

  • There's No Printing on The Back or Side so Here's The Back/Side of The Helmet.

86837 3

  • Without Helmet. Great Torso Printing!

86837 4

  • The Awesome Gun & 3L Bar! Seriously. That Gun is Awesome!

86837 5

  • Left to Right. Lightsaber Bar, New Bar.

86837 s1

  • "And To Think They Called Me Girly!"


This is The Best Fig of The Line. Buy Him. If You Don't, You're a Moron.


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