Welcome Once again to a Review of one of the Most Simplest Collectible Minifigures availible. Say Hello to 12# Ninja!

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  • Here is the Ninja! Very Awesome Printng and Possibly The Best Face Ever! We'll Get to That Shortly.

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  • Back. Showing How He can Hold the Katana on his "Turban" or Whatever.

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  • Here is The Awesome Face and Printing. Spectacular!

86836 4

  • He Looks Even Better with Hair on! LA

86836 5

  • "Don't Move! And No one Gets Hurt."


To Me, This is One of The Better Figures in The Line. With Awesome Printing and (IMO) The Best Face Ever. I'd Highly Recommend you Get One Of these Figures as I Will Be Getting a Few More! He Also Comes with an Extra Katana. Which is a Plus. 10/10

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