Welcome To My Third Review! This Time it'll Be The No.1 Must Have Set of The Atlantis Theme! Yep, I'm Going To Do a Review on...... 8061 Gateway of the Squid

Review2 1

  • Complete Set

Review2 2

  • The Divers.

Review2 3

  • Back of Divers.

Review2 4


  • The "Feet".


  • The "Helmet".

Review2 6


  • Squid No.2.

Squid 2

  • Bottom of Squid No.2

Squid 3

  • The Giant Squid.

Squid 4

  • Bottom of Squid.

Squid 5

  • Top of Squid.

Squid 6

  • Squid Key. (Man, There's a Lot Of Squids in This Set!)

Review2 7

  • End of Part 1.

Review2 8

  • You Click This Together &....

Review2 9

  • Complete!

Review 2 10

  • Staircase.

Review2 11

  • Middle.

Review2 12

  • Function 1: You Turn This Handle To The Right, and.....

Review2 13

Review2 14

  • Ahhhhhh!!!! a Trap Door!!

Review2 15

  • You Can attach The Giant Squid to The Gateway By Hooking it on The Pin as Seen Here.

Review2 16

  • Then You Can Attach the Mini Squid to His Post as Seen Here......

Review2 17

  • But The Main Feature is The Opening Gate. Here's A Demonstration:

Review2 18

Review2 19

  • Pretty Neat Huh?

Review2 20

Review2 21

  • The Complete Set.

Design: 10/10, It's Simply Stunning to Look at!

Minifigures: 10/10,I Couldn't Have Asked For Greater Figures! Seriously, A Squid Warrior? That's Awesome Lego!

Build: 7/10, I Loved Building This Set! But It Takes You A While To Get The Gate To Work.....

Playability: 10/10, Besides The Shark Temple Coming Out This Year.....Where is The Divers Destination? If You Don't Buy This Set, Your Divers Won't Have any Thing To Do! I.e. I Love Playing With This!!

Price: 8/10 I Was Excited When I Found out it Was Only $40.00! But I Guess That is Rather Expensive.

Total: 49/50, This is One of My All-Time Favorite Lego Sets!! I Deeply Suggest You Buy This Set! Seriously, Buy This Set!!!!

  • I Hope You Enjoyed This Review! I Also Hope That You Get Some Money, Get Out The Door, & Get......

8061 Gateway of the Squid!!