Hello! Today I Happened to Pick up 8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub! I Know User:NOBODY Already Did a Review, But I Thought I'll Do One also.


Image 1

  • Here is The Completed Model! It May Seem Bare But it's Not.

Image 2

  • Left.

Image 3

  • Front.

Image 4

  • Headlights

Image 5

  • Cockpit

Image 6

  • W/out Minifigure

Image 7

  • As You Can See, You Have to Slide The Minifigure in to The Cockpit.

Image 8

  • Speaking of Which, Here's The Diver. You can Store His Flippers on His Airtanks as Seen Above. (Sorry For The Blurry Pic!)

Image 9

Image 10

  • Back of Shark

Image 11

  • Attack Mode

Image 12

  • Here's Something You've Never Seen Before, Front.

Image 13

  • Here's a Flaw on The Box: The Missiles Don't Have The 1x1 Brick That's Shown Here.

Image 14

  • and Here's All My Lego Atlantis Sets so Far....
  • Bonus: After Buying This Set, I Obtained all Three atlanteans!

Image 15

  • Design: 9/10 It's a Great Design! But The Front's a Bit Empty....

Build: 10/10 I Loved Building This Set! It Was Really Fun & Exciting!

Minifigures 10/10 I Really Like The Diver & The Shark Warrior is My Favorite Atlantis Minifigure to Date!

Playability: 13/10 There's So Much You Can Do With This! I Can't Even Begin to Tell you How Much Fun it Is!

Price: 7/10 Now Here's The Bad Part: $25.00 USD!!!! That's $5.00 To Expensive in My Opinion, But I Did Not Regret Buying This.

Total: 47/50 The Price is a Little Nifty, But The Model, The MiniFigs, The Playability, It's All So Much Fun!! I Would Deeply recommend This to a Freind, In Fact I Already Did! So Get Out There and Buy:

8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub

  • I Hope You Enjoyed This Review! Goodbye!