Today I'm Going To Do a Review of 8056 Monster Crab Clash. This is The Last Atlantis Set I'll Buy Until' The New Ones Are Released.

Image 001

  • The Complete Set.

Image 002

  • The Exclusive Key. This Is The Only Set That Has It.

Image 04


  • Back of Diver.

Crab 1

  • Here is The Crab.

Crab 2

  • Front of Crab.

Crab 3

  • Back.

Crab 4

  • Close Up Of Front.

Crab 5

  • One Of The Legs.

Crab 6

  • The Bottom.

Crab 7

  • One Of The Pinchers.

Crab 8

  • My Complete Collection.

Design: 8/10, The Design is Good, But Not If You Hate Spiders!

Playability: 7/10, It's Surprisingly Very Fun To Play With! But You Have To Be Kind Of Gentle.

Price: 10/10, The Price Is Wonderful! 10 Cents a Piece is a Really Good Deal!

Total: 10/10, I Highly Reccomend This Set! In Fact, The Monster Crab Is New My Favorite Guardian!

I Hope You Enjoyed This Review! & I Also Hope You'll Love This Set as Much as I Do!