The City of Atlantis
Atlantis City
The City.


Past Humans
Present Atlantis Creatures,The golden king





The City of Atlantis is a city that sank beneath the sea. But it was rediscovered by the Deep Sea Salvage Crew. There were mostly pyramids in the City of Atlantis.


The City of Atlantis, was an island in the Atlantis that contained a great city. The walls of the cities were made of precious metals. It had so advanced architecture that some believe we have not matched it today. But underwater Volcanic Activity led to a tidal wave, that destroyed the city, and swallowed up it's inhabitants into the sea. Many centuries later, 4 divers rediscovered Atlantis. In the Lego Club magazine was revealed that the aliens from the Alien Conquest theme had captured the The Golden King and gave him to the Atlantis Creatures, rendering the city of Atlantis unprotected and allowed the Dark Guardians to overtake it, as well as steal the five Keys to Atlantis, in exchange for weaponry for their army.



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