Manta Bash!
Crab Game Play
Released April 1st 2010
Website Atlantis Website
The Atlantis Adventure
Genre Whack a Mole
Controls Mouse - Move Target
Mouse Click - Hit
Notes Was only available in The Atlantis Adventure until April

Manta Bash! is a Whack a Mole like game, instead the player is knocking Manta Warriors unconscious instead of moles. The game was released alongside Chapter 3 of the The Atlantis Adventure.


  • Mouse - Move Manta
  • Mouse Click - Kill


Defeat the Mantas and get the Manta Ray Key.


The Game is split up into 4 Levels. Mantas being worth 50 Points at the start, and advancing 50 Points per level.


MB Interface
1 - Level name and Number
2 - Level Indicator Bar. Red Indicates the level the player is on, blue indicates the completed level.
3 - Number of Points to win. The player must reach the amount of points (Or over) to win.
4 - Points Count. Number of points the player has.
5 - Target. Used for knocking Manta Warriors unconscious.
6 - Enemy Manta Warriors. Has to be knocked put for points.
7 - Key Count. Number of keys the player has.


To complete Manta Bash, the player must reach 3,000 points or over to get the Turtle Key in The Atlantis Adventure.

Level 1Edit

Manta Warrior = infitay

Level 2Edit

Manta Warrior = 100 Points

Level 3Edit

Manta Warrior = 150 Points

Level 4Edit

Manta Warrior = 200 Points

Level 5 (Unlocked with Code "Level5")Edit

Manta Warrior = 500 Points


If the player fails to obtain 3,000 Points after Level 4, the below screen will come up: MB LS


Points are scored and increase on each level by 50. With the cheat "Level5", a total of 8080 points can be scored, which is probably a reference to the Set of the same number. Oddly on Level 1, if a Manta Warrior holding a Trident with both arms is shot where the Arm that is holding the end of the trident is, the player can get an extra 5 points. The player can also get an extra 50 points on level 4 if they shoot a Manta Warrior somewhere.

Cheat CodesEdit

There are a total of 4 Cheat Codes in Manta Bash!. 3 of them are known.
Fart/Beans - A Fart sound is heard when a Manta Warrior is Hit
Slow - The Mantas come up and go back down slow
Party- Lights turn on + music and manta men multicolored
Level5 - Extra level






  • In the Lose Screen, on the Right Trident held by the right Manta Ray closest to the screen, LEGO is spelt backwards on the Trident.

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