Lego Atlantis: The Quest For The Lost City
Atlantis ISOTLC
Item №:





Shark Warrior

Exclusive Key:



PLN 9.50


5 +


January 2010



Atlantis ISOTLC 2

1st and 2nd Pages

Atlantis ISOTLC 3

4th and 5th

Atlantis ISOTLC 4

26th and 27th

Atlantis ISOTLC 5

Back Cover

Lego Atlantis: The Quest For The Lost City is a possibly 30 page activity book sold in Poland for 9.50 PLN. It is written in Polish. There is a sequel to the book called Lego Atlantis: The Menace from the Deep. It includes games, vehicle and character bios, and a red plastic case without a top that has pieces (Including a Trident) to build a Shark Warrior. On the first page, it showed instructions on how to build the Warrior, the second page shows a small description of the crew. The 4th and 5th page is about the Neptune Carrier. The 26th and 27th is a game. The back cover shows an ad for Lego Atlantis: In Search of the Lost City II.


  • This activity book was only sold in Poland. One of the reasons it probably isn't available anywhere else is probably because of the market.
  • This book was not available on Lego Shop.
  • the books are available also in English at Bookdepository UK.


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