Axel Storms



Speargun, Flippers, Airtanks, visor




8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub
8056 Monster Crab Clash
8075 Neptune Carrier
8080 Undersea Explorer

Axel Storms is the Tech Expert for the Deep Sea Salvage Crew. Axel Storms is extremely brave and the last to get scared. He can get out and stay out of trouble. He is very serious, he does not have time to make jokes, or even find other peoples' jokes funny. He also doesn't like it when people borrow his tools since he can fix anything and create amazing machines out of junk. Note: he and Bobby Buoy are both absent from the movie.In the book titled ''Please help'' it revealed that he didn't assist in the quest because he had a bad cold.


"Nothing's ever broken, I just haven't gotten around to fixing it"


Notes Edit

  • As see in atlantis comics he has brown hair

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