Artimus's Underwater Journal Writer
Underwater Jrnl riter 2


Dr. Artimus Rhodes or Hired Workers


Pen, Glass Sphere


Destroyed Probably

Artimus's Underwater Journal Writer is a something that was made by Dr. Artimus Rhodess, or workers hired by him. Artimus used it so that he could write underwater.

Underwater Jrnl riter

Another view of the Journal Writer


It was a glass sphere with a watertight hole, with Artimus's Journal held up by an arm inside the sphere. The sphere had a metal arm on the bottom of it, and that metal arm was connected to Artimus's left leg. The Glass for the sphere must had been pretty strong or it would had cracked when Artimus got outside the Atlantis Finder. Artimus had to extend his arm through a watertight hole to get his arm inside the sphere.


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