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Deep Sea Striker
8076 2
Item №:


Exclusive Key:

Manta Ray


US $19.99


6 + Years


August 2010



Background Edit

The set 8077 Deep Sea Striker is an Atlantis set released in August 2010, but released early in May 2010. This set includes a Giant Scorpion, and a Diver on a Sea Striker.

Dutch DesciptionEdit

On his swift underwater scooter skims the brave diver on the bottom of the ocean in search of the precious green Atlantis key. But the giant scorpion is guarding it. It may sting him with the poisonous tail. Can Lance escape the sharp claws and strong jaws of the scorpion and get away with the key at the same time?

Sources Edit


  • The Vehicle the diver is on is similar to a STAP from the Star Wars Theme.
  • The Diver on the box has a Smiley Face. This is because it is a preliminary box.

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